IN MEMORIUM of Our 55 Deceased Classmates



        Dallas Coyle             Larry Knafel          Margie Poffenberger Hollenbaugh        Paul Radke


   Pauline Rubrake Wolfe       Jerry Smith                  Roger Welsheimer      Juanita Yates Prine


Bonnie Stump Blaire         Rebecca Cable Phillips   Mary Aker Lord           Janelle Conner Gordon


Julie Quinn Kissinger         James Johnson                    Susan M. Loe            Ola Brookover Bergdall


   Paul E. Pulley                    Donald L. Lipke            John G. "Jack" Phillips       S. Hunter Ziegler


Edward A. Bierbaum          Kelly G. Johnson      Charles N. "Nick" Minnick   Guy A. "Bud" Weeks


Judith G. Bowie Tarlton  Edward R. Bunger          Russell F. Herron           Thomas Wade Bates


 Steven A. Schonefeld       Lowell H. Zumbrun          Roselin Nix Conley       Carol Kessler Fleischer

  Judy Fisher Wallace 

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